Flying Colors (2015) BDRip

Release Date: 1 May 2015 (Japan)
Genre: Drama
Stars: Kasumi Arimura, Atsushi Itō, Shūhei Nomura And Airi Matsui
Quality: BDRip
Encoder: [emailA protected]
Source: BDRip 576p x264 AAC-NoGroup
Subtitle: English

Sayaka Kudo is a gyaru who wears miniskirts and dyes her hair blonde. Although she is a 2nd year comparison high propagandize student, she is on standard academically with 4th class facile propagandize students. She frequently transfers between propagandize since she is incompetent to make friends, and was once dangling for being held with cigarettes. To ready her for her university opening examination, her mom decides to send her to Seiho Cram School. However, when a propagandize director, Yoshitaka Tsubota, hears about Sayakaas educational problem, he creates it his personal feat to assistance her enter a university of her choice, Keio University, a prestigious university that is deliberate one of a many formidable to enter in Japan. After her father labels her an air-head, Sayaka became dynamic to investigate tough to infer her father wrong. Over a march of a summer holidays of her second year by to a exams during a finish of her third year in comparison high school, Sayaka studies intensely hard. She even removes her blond hair color and cuts her hair to uncover her resolve. Her formula gradually improves and her educational flaw value increases tremendously from 30 to 70 in this brief camber of time.

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